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Dance of The Light Echoes 1Dance of The Light Echoes 1

Dance of The Light Echoes:  Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5.  / Installation In The Faraway Past and in The Future, detail. Photos Ivana Franke Studio.

Dance of The Light Echoes

2014. Five prints. Pigment print on paper. 100 x 100 cm each.

The work takes its title from a phenomenon observed in astronomy that occurs in space, revealing an event from the distant past – the light explosion.

The print series Dance of The Light Echoes presents an inverted astronomical study – of our own experience. The drawings analyze the intertwined movements of mind, body and light in time – where movement of our bodies and our gaze define the shapes of the perceived light.

The drawings present a study of specular highlights on the radial geometric structure of the installation In the Faraway Past and in The Future (2014), as they fall into the field of view of observers, and appear as orbits of and for his/ her own observation. Circular lines in the drawings indicate those orbits, as they would be seen from a particular position in the space, while appearing far away.

Dance of The Light EchoesDance of The Light Echoes