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Installation view: Disorientation Station (Grey), 11th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai, 2016. Video Ivana Franke Studio.

Disorientation Station (Grey)

2016. Circular room. Wallpaper, wooden bench, rotational mechanism
Diameter 300 x 300 cm. Courtesy Shanghai Biennale.

Team: Tomi Soletic 

A frame made of wooden laths is fixed onto the ceiling, floor and walls of the room. Monofilament lines are stretched on the frame radially, forming invisible wall. The LED light is positioned on the wall behind it and projects light on the structure.

Depending on the angle of viewing the reflections of the light form ellipse of different size at different place in the room, that changes in its appearance following the movement of the observer.

Installation views: Disorientation Station (Grey), 11th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai, 2016. Photo Ivana Franke Studio.