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Infinite ThresholdInfinite Threshold

Installation view: Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin. Photo David von Becker

Infinite Threshold

2017. Transparent glossy foil. 520 x 700 cm.

The threshold to a train station dissolves into a fluid virtual garden, a hallucinatory exterior.

Inside the hall, transparent reflective sheets reveal the expansion of daylight, hosting a faraway outside and reflecting the near surrounding environment in a slightly distorted course. The exterior is brought inside: ephemeral reflected images are superimposed onto the room and disintegrate in fluid movements. Decomposed images on a perceptive system are decelerating time; the drift of flashes and scenes appearing and disappearing indicates the physical laws of the reflection of light in their anthropomorphic relativity.

The transparent membranes reveal a momentary condition of things, a glimpse of interdependence of one’s inner dynamics and the rest of the world, permeating her with a sense of moving inside the existing but invisible realities which evade her perceptions.

A heterotopic space – a station, a museum - where ‘the arrival of the train and the hand on the watch indicating time are simultaneous events’, has its back door facing the envisioned futures. They appear at its doorway as ambivalent, fluid intuitions and visions where heterogeneous spaces and times coexist.

Installation views: Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin. Photo Ivana Franke Studio.