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Mind Crossing, 2015  4Mind Crossing, 2015  4

Installation view: Jedinstvo Factory, Zagreb. Photos: Marijana Stanic

Mind Crossing

2015. Wooden panel, LED lights, control unit. Diameter 280 cm.

The installation Mind Crossing visualises activity of a hallucinatory mind, while it can also cause quasy-hallucinatory experiences.

The data is gathered by video EEG, during the exposure to the stroboscopic light of the Intermittent Photic Stimulator (a strobe lamp used in medicine for diagnosing photosensitive epilepsy) with closed eyes, during experience of quasy-hallucinations. The cortical activity measured by each of the electrodes is ‘translated’ into the flickering lights in the installation Mind Crossing, which incidentally happens to fall within the frequency range that, once again, can cause quasi-hallucinations when seen with closed eyes. When seen with open eyes one experiences the phenomena of apparent motion  (beta movement). The installation manifests entanglements of reality and fiction. 


Installation views: Jedinstvo Factory, Zagreb. Photos: Marijana Stanic

Video EEG recording scheme.