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Installation view: Lone, Rovinj.
Photographs: Ivana Franke Studio, Sandra Aračić.

Room for Running Ghosts

2011. Aluminium construction, PFA monofilament, steel wire. Diameter 870 cm.

Team: Frank Spenling, Frederik Skatar, Sandra Aracic, Tanja Cvetko, Maja Pintaric, Marjeta Hirc, Petra Kriletic, Snjezana Ban, Veno Lebaric, Karlo Vuckovic, Goran Kahlina, David Cvetko, Ana Horvat, Lea Popinjac, Ivan Vajda, Dean Tortic, Vuk Tehnika. Structural engineering: Nikola Miletic. Advising: Silvije Novak, 3LHD

A large scale, linear three-dimensional object is suspended from the ceiling. It is constructed according to the architectural principle of tensegrity structure. The work is a speculation on housing for the invisible others - for the spirits - with numerous entrances and uncountable corners.


If we imagined the tensegrity construction as being a room, who could inhabit it?


If something was articulated as the architecture for the spirits, how could it look like? 

Installation views: Lone, Rovinj.
Photographs: Ivana Franke Studio, Sandra Aračić.

Installation Set-up