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Animated Sphere, 2008


Metal construction, monofilament, light bulb, electric transformer

Diameter 105 cm15

Installation view: Reykjavik Experiment Marathon, Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik.
Photographs: Studio Ivana Franke


In a pitch-black room, a maze of tiny dots of light floats in the air. As the viewer slowly walks towards them, these specks seem to move in numerous directions; one becomes immersed in some micro-universe of stars or a dancing swarm of fireflies.
Spherical metal construction (geodesic sphere) is interwoven with monofilament and suspended from the ceiling, in the middle of the room. The monofilament lines are stretched from each connecting point of the sphere to all the others.
A tiny light bulb is suspended in the center of the sphere. A visible maze of dots is created by light and reflected of the monofilament. Seeing the reflections, as much as the forms created by them, depends on the observer’s position, motion and walking pace. The imagery appears to move in relation to the observer’s exploration of the space.