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From the Faraway Past and From the Future, 2014


Aluminium construction, monofilament, LED lights, electric transformers

160 x 400 cm

Installation View:Structures of the Invisible, Vasarely Foundation, Aix-en-Province

Photographs: Tommi Gronund, Ivana Frane Studio


Upon entering a dark room, only thin curved lines are visible as floating in the air, at the eye level. However, once the eyes adjust to darkness, circular shapes start to emerge. They stand still, seemingly frozen, as if waiting on the observer to make a move in order to reveal their hidden intentions. If one begins to walk all around the space, the shapes start to overlap, merge, shrink, expand, appear and disappear, bustling in unexpected directions. These curious constitutions seem to extend deep into the space, only to come back towards us in rolling motion.
Rectangular frame is suspended from the ceiling. It is hung in front of the gallery wall, at one-meter distance. Two layers of monofilament net are stretched onto the frame. Two LED lights are installed on the wall, projecting the light onto the net. The net reflects the light, creating a three-dimensional “movie” of traveling circles and ellipses, navigated by the observer.