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In the Faraway Past and in the Future, 2014


Aluminium construction, monofilament, LED lights, electric transformers, tripod
Diameter 600 cm

Photographs: Ivana Franke Studio

As we enter the space, the only thing visible is a constellation of thin curved lines floating high up in the air. Slowly, more of the curved irregular patterns emerge; they flow in different directions. Decontextualized specular highlights move according to the viewer’s individual movements; the unknown “object” changes its shape, size and position in relation to the viewer. The observed structures create images resembling light echoes – a phenomena observed in astronomy that occur in space, revealing events from a distant past (light explosion).
Monofilament refracts the light into the spectator’s field of view, making the light echoes appear as orbits of and for his/ her own observation. The installation invites us to experience trajectories of apparent upwards motion. And yet, our brains can’t measure what they perceive; we can only guess, speculate, imagine and try to find the co-ordinates. The work probes the wonder of observation and awareness that we are part of a movement provoked by our inter-dependence.
A large circular metal framework, suspended in mid-air below the dome ceiling, holds three layers of transparent monofilament net, weaved in radial fashion. A tiny LED light is positioned on the ceiling, while another one is located on a tripod below the net. The light draws striking elliptical shapes on the monofilament texture.