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Latency (Sala Luzzatto), 2007


Acrylic glass sheets, supporting metal parts, adhesive tape

1400 x 600 x 270 cm

The room is dissolved into a fluid virtual garden, a hallucinatory exterior.
The walls and the floor of Sala Luzzato are covered with sheets of transparent acrylic glass. This layer, added to the original architectural features, reflects the surrounding environment – the garden and the canal - in slightly distorted fashion. It brings the exterior inside, in the form of ephemeral images superimposed onto the room surfaces. Strict geometry of the found architectural context has been replaced by a virtual ambiance, dominated by changeable images of the garden, water, and daylight.
The installation takes place at Area Scarpa – re-designed area of Palazzo Querini Stampalia in Venice – conceived in 1964 by the architect Carlo Scarpa. The work follows Scarpa’s notion of incessant exchange between the interior and the exterior space, prominently visible in Sala Luzzato; the main room is widely open towards the garden as well as towards the canal.