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Projection, 2006


Metal construction, three slide projectors, fabric

520 x 520 x 520 cm

Installation views: The Jedinstvo Factory, Zagreb
Photographs: Ivana Franke Studio


A large swarm of numerous light particles floats in the air in a dark space. These light specks slightly differ in size and dimensions and spatial distances between them vary. Depending on one’s point of view, their constellations might appear as grid-like - mapping and extending the space - or as the entirely irregular structures with hardly understandable locations and spatial distances.
A large three-dimensional pyramidal cube with internal plane divisions, made out of white tulle (transparent fabric) is suspended from the ceiling. Three slide projectors are installed in three different corners of the space, orthogonally to the sides of the cube. They project grids of light rays onto the cube. Due to the fabric’s transparency, light is rendered in forms of intersectional dots at all the planes, creating a dense three-dimensional maze of light dots.