2003. Monofilament, fluorescent lights. 385 x 507 x 645 cm.

"...the ambience was created by measuring and multiplying a multitude of spatial units drawn in space with threads of transparent fishing line stretched over the three walls of the room, so that the entrance itself was blocked for the visitor and opened only to take over the screen function... If our entry into real space is, therefore, denied, we can only rely on the visual image offered by the network, with confidence in the physical accuracy of volume measurements of identical units. Thus, if white space indicates a void, the visible grid should physically define it. However, the paradox is that the network exists, since we have already mentioned it as a tangible obstacle, but it is at no point as such fully visible. Light, which implies the possibility of a visual representation of the world, is not rendered by transparent threads of fishing lines, and almost completely dematerializes white space, making it intangible and invisible. Only by moving next to the screen itself is it possible to spot places where the grid reveals a reflective light source, but also only in traces, because with a small shift of view we lose the geometric illusion of space again."[1]

[1] PROSTOR Ivana Franke. Marko Golub. Radio 101, 2003


Realization with: Ana Horvat, Anita Mudronja, Maja Šovagović, Kristina Knežević, Kristina Lenard

Installation view: Ivana Franke. Prostor, Project Room, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb. Photos Boris Cvjetanovic, Kristina Lenard.

Publication: Ivana Franke. Prostor