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Latency (Sala Luzzatto)

2007. Acrylic glass sheets, supporting metal parts, adhesive tape. 1400 x 600 x 270 cm.

Project development and realization with Silvio Vujicic, Petar Miskovic. MAWA: Mario Waldgoni, Ivana Waldgoni

The walls and the floor of Sala Luzzato are covered with sheets of transparent acrylic glass. This layer, added to the original architectural features (designed by Carlo Scarpa), reflects the surrounding environment – the garden and the canal - in slightly distorted fashion. It brings the exterior inside, in the form of ephemeral images superimposed onto the room surfaces. Strict geometry has been replaced by a virtual ambiance, dominated by changeable images of the garden, water, and daylight. The room is dissolved into a fluid virtual garden, a hallucinatory exterior.

Installation view: Ivana Franke. Latency, Croatian Pavilion, La Biennale di Venezia – 52nd International Art Exhibition, Palazzo Querini Stampalia -Area Scarpa, Venice, 2007. Photos Goran Vranic.