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Disorientation Station

Terminal, 11the Shanghai Biennale "Why Not Ask Again?", Shanghai, 2016

Our brain interprets the flux of impressions we exchange in multidimensional spaces and multifold times into a seemingly ordered space-time; we recognize what we are in as if we were already there. But this is Disorientation Station. Here perceptual points that connect us with our environment lose their transparency, become visible as edges. The speed with which the seen becomes known is altered, and space opens up for the imagined

Raqs Media Collective

Disorientation station WHITE, Circular dark room, wooden construction, monofilament, LED lights, control unit. Diameter 440 x 400 cm.
Disorientation station GREY, Circular room. Wallpaper, wooden bench, rotational mechanism. Diameter 300 x 300 cm.
Disorientation station BLACK, Circular room, LED lights, control units. Frequency range of flickering light 12-33 Hz. Diameter 470 x 300 cm.

 Courtesy Shanghai Biennale