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Center 2004 4Center 2004 4

Installation view: Lauba, Zagreb, City Gallery, Labin. Photographs: Ivana Franke Studio.


2004. Stainless steel construction, steel wire, twelve spotlights, monofilament. 320 x 320 x 320 cm.

Team: Sandra Aracic, Ana Horvat, Anita Mudronja, Kristina Lenard, Maja Simunovic

Several spherical shapes of light appear within a large cubical construction. As the viewer moves, they change in size and location; they appear, disappear, open and close, in succession. A metal cube contains a three-dimensional radial structure made of monofilament lines.

Twelve spotlights are positioned in the middle of each edge of the cube. They project light onto the structure and accordingly, the structure reflects it back towards the observer, thus creating different shapes that change according to the viewer’s position and movement.

Installation views: Lauba, Zagreb, City Gallery, Labin. Photographs: Ivana Franke Studio.

Study photographs of the light reflecting from the structure. Installation view: Maeda Studios, CCA Kitakyushu, Kitakyushu.

Drawing. Geometry- Scheme: each surface of the cube is divided into the orthogonal grid (25 x 25 lines). From each intersection of lines, the line is stretched towards a diametrically opposite intersection, at another surface.
 One surface holds 625 connection points. In total, there are 3750 connecting points, 1770 lines, and they are all connected in the center of the cube.

Making of.