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Frame of Reference - Prints

2007. Silkscreen on transparent foil. 35 x 35 cm.

The objects Frame of Reference have been photographed from particular angles that make them appear symmetrical and two-dimensional. The drawings are made over those photographs and then printed on transparent foil. The works cause perceptual shifts from two to three dimensions and give rise to perceptual multi-stability.

Frame of Reference prints are renderings of three-dimensional objects that appear as two-dimensional in reality. By means of their two-dimensional physicality and our understanding of them as representations, they uncover their lost third dimension.

Frame 1 front view, Frame 1 side view.

Frame 2 front view, Frame 2 side view.

Frame 3 front view, Frame 3 side view.

Frame 4 front view, Frame 4 side view.

Frame 5 front view, Frame 5 side view, Frame 5 up view.

Frame 6 front view, Frame 6 side view, Frame 6 up view.

Frame 7 front view, Frame 7 side view, Frame 7 up view.

Frame 9 front view, Frame 9 side view, Frame 9 up view.