More selected projects

Your country of two dimensions is not spacious enough. Limits of Perception Lab

Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, June 18 - July 05, 2020


Exhibited works: From the Faraway Past and From the Future, We close our eyes and see a flock of birds, Planetary Nebulas

Summer Solstice InvocationsWith Taita Juan Martín Jamioy Juajibio, Juan-Andres Leon, Sangeetha Menon, Ida Momennejad, Monica Narula, Arlette Ndakoze, Sunčica Ostojić, Lisa Randall, Tomas Saraceno, Elisabeth Tambwe, Ivana Franke.  Moderated by Elena Agudio, Kelly Krugman

Lab Experiments

Satelite Event: Israel Lopez, Dreamscape


Video Bona Bell. Photos: Hannes Wiedemann.