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Photos: Martina Mihaljevic, Borko Vukosav, Ivan Granic

Perceptual Drift (Galaxies in Mind)

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb. July 6 - August 20, 2017.

The exhibition Perceptual Drift (Galaxies in Mind) by Ivana Franke takes visitors on a journey through various levels of artistic exploration by analysing our visual and spatial perceptual thresholds. Starting with a complete visual relocation in a series of installations in dark spaces, leaning on bodily sensations in intentionally unstable optical conditions, it continues on to a series of objects and prints—models meant to exercise visual comprehension and awareness of invisible structures that comprise the image of the world, revealed through quasy-hallucinatory visual experiences in the observers minds. After the initiation path that starts as a complete dizziness, we move on to rational constructs and spatial speculations, and ultimately towards a conscious experience of vast unknown areas permeating our minds and the phenomenal reality.

Text by Jasna Jaksic

Exhibited works

Galaxies in Mind, 2017
Spatial installation in the dark room with 5 objects and 4 light sources. Metal constructions, monofilament, LED lights, control units, tripod
Dimensions: diameter 80 cm, diameter 100 cm x 2, diamete 120 cm, diameter 690 x 7 cm

From the Faraway Past and From the Future, 2014
Aluminium construction, monofilament, LED lights, electric transformers 160 x 400 cm

Animated Sphere, 2008
Metal construction, monofilament, light bulb, electric transformer
Diameter 105 cm

We Close our Eyes and See a Flock of Birds, 2013
Wooden construction, polystyrene panels, white LED-lights, micro-controller, bench 203 x 206 x 206 cm

We Close our Eyes and See a Flock of Birds, 2013
A4 drawings

Focal Slowing, 2013
HD video animation 6' 18''

Distant Feeling, 2012
Artist book, edition of 40, silkscreen on paper, 80 pages, 14.7 x 21 cm

Floor, 2005
Collaboration with Silvio Vujičić and Damir Očko Fabric, glass pearls, nine incandescent light bulbs 2000 x 250 cm. Courtesy of Filip Trade Collection

Frameworks, 2004
Collaboration with Petar Mišković, Tomislav Pelivan and Lea Plejić
Steel construction, ninety three glass frames, electric motor, concrete platforms 630 x 660 x 320 m

Dance of The Light Echoes, 2014
Series of five prints; inkjet print on paper 100 x 100 cm each

Monstrous Moonshine, 2012
Inkjet print on paper 75 x 150 cm

Introducing gaps, 2008
Five prints, silkscreen on paper 32 x 32 cm each

Ghost Room, 2015
Series of twelve prints; inkjet print on paper.
Edition of 3 32 x 32 cm each

Room for Running Ghosts modules, 2011
Aluminium construction, PFA monofilament, 120 x 120 x 120 cm each

Fragile model, 2011
Wire 30 x 30 x 30 cm

Interconnection, 2009
Metal construction, monofilament
Diameter 30 cm

Traces of Elsewhere modules, 2017
Steel, acryl glass 30 x 30 x 10 cm

Potential Degrees of Freedom – Prints (Tesseract 1, 2, 3, 4), 2014
Four prints; silkscreen on tracing paper 34 x 34 cm each

Thinking dimensions (n-cube), 2010
Eight drawings; graphite on paper 40 x 28 cm each

Boxed-in Infinite Polyhedron, 2010
Acrylic glass, monofilament 76 x 76 x 76 cm

Frame of Reference Prints, 2007
Twenty prints, silkscreen on transparent foil 20 x 35 x 35 cm

Frame of Reference, 2006
Seven objects, Silkscreen on acrylic glass 50 x 50 x 50 cm each

4 Cubes AB, 2004
Two etchings, blind embossing, paper Fabriano Rosaspina 49,7 x 49,7 cm

2-3D, 2004 Artist book, silkscreen on foil, 44 pages, 17 x 17 x 1 cm

Platonic bodies, 2003
Five prints, silkscreen on tracing paper 48,8 x 68,6 cm each

Platonic Bodies, 2002
Five objects, acrylic glass, monofilament Dimensions variable. Courtesy of Filip Trade Collection