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Frameworks   2004  9Frameworks   2004  9


Collaboration with Petar Miškovic, Lea Pelivan and Toma Plejic.

2004. Steel construction, ninety three glass frames, electric motor, concrete platforms. 630 x 660 x 320 m.

The installation – kinetic tunnel is made of a large number of parallel glass frames that are slowly sliding on rails. While the visitors walk through the tunnel, the floor shifts under their feet in an almost imperceptible way, simultaneously presenting them with cinematic sequence of the surrounding space. The surrounding appears, multiplies and disappears entirely, as reflected and refracted (revealed or hidden) by the glass frames.

Installation views: La Biennale di Venezia – 9th International Architecture Exhibition, Arsenale, Venice, 2004 / Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2014. Photographs: Robert Les.