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2012. Pigment print, MDF, aluminium, electromotor. 25 x 20 x 20 cm.

Project development and realization with Benni Kammerer and Sandra Aracic

While looking at the rotating object with black and white stripes, one actually sees wavy vibrating colorful particles and feels slightly dizzy. After a certain length of time, the image is imprinted in one’s mind, as an after-movie. It stays with the viewer for a while, adding a misty visual layer that accompanies the visitor on their future journey.

The inspiration for Onset stems from the methods and phenomena used in medicine and neuroscience, employing black and white striped patterns for testing our perceptual thresholds and susceptibility to certain disorders (in this case from Optokinetic drum, used to estimate visual acuity). Rather then using them to indicate our limits, in Franke’s work these phenomena are used to elicit threshold experiences, as a travel through the cracks of our sense of stabile visual reality, and therefore expand the notion of reality itself.

Installation view: Ivana Franke. Onset, Niklas Belenius Gallery, Stockholm. Photograph Niklas Belenius Gallery.