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Ivana Franke. Lability

Exhibition catalogue. Edited by Radovan Vuković.
Umjetnički paviljon Zagreb / Art Pavilion Zagreb, 2009.

...Here it is as if the work of Ivana Franke suggests that we investigate this characteristic in the very space itself, in our relations with it.  The relationship then between man and space. Man does not create space, because it is not something objective, something like an object.  Man presences space, as we recall from the writing of Martin Heidegger.  As for presencing as space in the dynamics of one’s own being in space and the human organisation of his own space and space in general.  This presencing is referred to in German as “räumen”, which means clearing, moving through, liberation, the cut towards the light, the clearing.  The poetic image of a quote from Grimm’s dictionary about the original meaning of the word as the creation of a clearing the forest perhaps the best sums up the experience of the works of Ivana Franke: einen raum, d.h. eine lichtung im walde schaffen. 

Text by Zlatko Wurtzberg.
Croatian / English
24 x 30 cm, 32 pages.
Published by Art Pavilion Zagreb, 2009.
ISBN: 978-953-6890-35-4