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Latency (Sala Colonne)

2007. Installation in a dark space. Aluminium construction, fluorocarbon, Eight LED lights, control unit. 500 x 700 x 3 cm.

Three layers of monofilament are stretched horizontally on the aluminium construction and suspended from the ceiling. Eight LED lights are placed above the nets, in different areas, projecting light onto them and forming stars-like constellations. As the viewer moves, these stars begin to appear and disappear; they move in a whirling fashion following his/ her pace and extend apparently high into space.

Project development and realization: Petar Miskovic, Tanja Cvetko, Iva Curic, Rado Crvik, Petra Kriletic, Margareta Milacic, Maja Pintaric, Snjezana Ban, Anita Surkic, Vedran Franke, MAWA: Mario Waldgoni, Ivana Waldgoni

Installation view: Latency, Croatian Pavilion, 52nd Venice Biennale, Palazzo Querini Stampalia, Area Scarpa, Venice, 2007. Photo Goran Vranic, Viktor Popovic

Permanently on view in Lauba, Zagreb, as a part of the Filip Trade Collection of Conteporary Art.


Plan and section drawings