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Instants of VisibilityInstants of Visibility

Instants of Visibility

2009. Installation in a dark space. Aluminium construction, fabric (tulle), electric motor, slide projector. 500 x 530 x 280 cm. Rotation speed 1.5 rpm

Project development and realization with: Tanja Cvetko, Igor Cabraja, Snjezana Ban, Rado Crvik,  Frank Spenling, Eleni Chronopolou, Israel Lopez

A swarm of tiny lights floats in the completely dark room. In a hypnotic manner, it slowly and continuously moves forward.

Two large-scale cylindrical objects hang from the ceiling, one next to another, with the slight overlap. They are made of vertically suspended white tulle (transparent fabric) sheets. One cylinder is slowly rotating clockwise and the other one counterclockwise. A slide projector is installed far behind the cylinders. It projects a hexagonal grid of numerous thin light rays onto the fabric. Due to the transparency of the fabric, light is rendered on each sheet of tulle, creating a three-dimensional structure of moving light dots.

Installation view: Lability, Art Pavilion, Zagreb, 2009. Photographs: Kristina Lenard.


Top: Installation with the ambient lights on / Installation view. Bottom: Plan and elevation drawings of the installation in the Art Pavilion