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Mind Crossing, 2015  4Mind Crossing, 2015  4

Mind Crossing

2015. Wooden panel, LED lights, control unit. Diameter 280 cm.

Each lamp flashes in different frequency. By seeing the installation from afar, one can discern the moving waves of light - the pattern of the activity of visualizing movement of the mind. By experiencing it up-close with the eyes closed, the viewer is confronted with the appearance of dream-like moving images in their mind. Frequencies are taken from the data gathered by video EEG, during the exposure to the stroboscopic light of the Intermittent Photic Stimulator (a strobe lamp used in medicine for diagnosing photosensitive epilepsy), which causes quasi-hallucinations. Therefore, the cortical activity measured by each of the electrodes is ‘translated’ into the activity of lights, which in turn, once again, causes quasi-hallucinations.

Project development and realization with Matijas Antunovic, Vedran Franke, Eart

Installation view: Ivana Franke. Mind Crossing. 906090 Platform for Contemporary Art, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb. Photos: Marijana Stanic