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Mind Crossing, 2015  4Mind Crossing, 2015  4

Installation view: Jedinstvo Factory, Zagreb. Photos: Marijana Stanic

Mind Crossing

2015. Wooden panel, LED lights, control unit. Diameter 280 cm.

By seeing the installation from afar, one can discern the moving waves of light - the pattern of the activity of visualizing movement of the mind. By experiencing it up-close with the eyes closed, the viewer is confronted with the appearance of quasi-hallucinatory moving images in his/ her mind - one sees one’s past or the future.

Mind Crossing installation is used as an experimental model for research. It adds to the complexity of studies focused on the influence of the environment on our consciousness through perception and experience. It is concerned with the impact of our consciousness to the environment, the threshold between our inner and outside worlds and the entanglement of reality and fiction. The work seems to create a map of spatial and temporal event of recording one’s cortical brain activity, while confronting us with the boundaries of our perceptive capabilities. 

LED lamps are attached to the circular wooden board, vertically suspended in the space. The arrangement of lamps on the board follows the diagram of placement of the electrodes on one’s head, for recording cortical brain activity using EEG (electro-encephalogram). Each lamp flashes in different frequency; frequencies are taken from the data gathered by video EEG, during the exposure to the stroboscopic light of the Intermittent Photic Stimulator (a strobe lamp used in medicine for diagnosing photosensitive epilepsy). Therefore, the cortical activity measured by each of the electrodes is ‘translated’ into the activity of lights, which in turn, once again, causes quasi-hallucinations.

Installation views: Jedinstvo Factory, Zagreb. Photos: Marijana Stanic

Video EEG recording scheme.