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Art Pavilion Zagreb, September 8 – Oktober, 2009.

The viewer has just experienced the shocking death of his senses, and Ivana Franke is one dark and evil artist! A view high up, where the dome of the Pavilion should be, reveals a thin, perfectly shaped circle made up of lots of tiny points of light. This deceptively fixed landmark, however, soon ceases to act reliably, as it begins to narrow with each further step toward its center. This is what makes this exhibition an individual, unique experience for each viewer, which can be experienced as an interaction, but not a real interaction, but an illusion of interaction and a play of our own senses with ourselves.

The trick was that the perfect geometric constructions of her works were perceived by our senses as fluid, elusive, and in constant change. Such a subtle approach to things also required a very engaged observer, who would know how to appreciate what Ivana Franke has to show him. "Lability" does not require this type of engagement, but instead throws the viewer into a space where the ground is completely removed from under his feet, and he has no choice but to play her game.

In a flash, it will hardly help clarify things, but it will reveal that behind each of the effects that redefine our understanding of space and perception is a physical object we would never expect - like a cage with thin transparent threads, or huge rotating curtains in the gallery's right wing. The surprising exit through another of the curtains into the bright room at the back of the Pavilion comes as a prize refreshment, not because of the graphics and sculpture-object displayed there, but a strategically placed high mirror reflecting a real decorative chandelier, a light source that suddenly looks so unusual and magical. after the darkness and uncertainty that preceded it. The world, and the light, are suddenly again what we have learned to know. It is this subtle moment, typical of Ivana Franke, which may not visually, but conceptually perfectly complement and round off the entire exhibition "Lability", and which is difficult to experience without a long and exciting tapping in the dark. [1]


[1] LABILITY Ivana Franke. Marko Golub. 12.09.09. radio 101


Exhibited works

Reflektor lustera, 2009.
Acryl glass. Diameter 1 m.

Introducing gaps, 2008
Five prints, silkscreen on paper 32 x 32 cm each.

Instants of Visibility, 2009.
Aluminium construction, fabric (tulle), electric motor, slide projector. 500 x 530 x 280 cm. Rotation speed 1.5 rpm.

Sky Carpet, 2009.
Transparent glossy foil, adhesive tape. Dimensions variable.

In Circles, 2009.
Aluminium construction, monofilament, LED lights, electric transformer. Diameter of the circle 690 cm, height 7 cm.

Animated Sphere, 2008.
Metal construction, monofilament, light bulb, electric transformer, Diameter 105 cm.

Interconnection, 2009.
Metal construction, monofilament. Diameter 30 cm.


Photos: Kristina Lenard