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Entrance to Elsewhere (Mindspace), 2015  3Entrance to Elsewhere (Mindspace), 2015  3

Entrance to Elsewhere

With Vjenceslav Richter, Spatial systemic print, 1997

2015. Self-adhesive foil, acrylic glass, 35 x 35 x 35 cm. LED light, tripod. Dimensions variable.

“…before us is an image liberated of two-dimensionality, a sculpture liberated of matter, and architecture liberated of practical function.‘‘

Vjenceslav Richter regarding his ‘spatial images’ in My Cognitive Space

Vjenceslav Richter’s Spatial Image – a three-dimensional transparent object– is illuminated by a slide projector. Its shadow is projected onto a corner of the room, creating the appearance of adjunct space; thus, transforming spatial image into architecture.

Installation view: Ivana Franke. Potential Degrees of Freedom, Richter Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb. Photo: Ana Opalic