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Fata MorganaFata Morgana

Fata Morgana

2005. Installation in a dark space. Steel construction, fire clay, refrigeration system, heating system, light. 200 x 50 x 200 cm

Collaboration with Silvio Vujicic and Damir Ocko.

The work artificially recreates conditions for appearance of a "Fata Morgana", mirage. The installation consists of heating and cooling systems, positioned one above the other, with space in- between, which creates gradual layers of air of different temperatures. Accordingly, the light refraction index gradually changes and duplicates the image of the object situated behind the device – the light circle. The bottom circle seen in the installation is the actual light source, positioned on the wall at the far end of the space, while the top circle is the mirage produced by the device. 

Installation view: Avoid, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2005. Photograph Kristina Lenard.


Scheme of the installation device / Device