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Ivana Franke. Prostor

Exhibition catalogue. Edited by Željka Himbele.
Zagreb: Museum of Contemporary Art, 2003.

While working on the concept of the latest project, for the Museum of Contemporary Art Project Room, the author Ivana Franke moulded her artistic intention in view of the idea of implanting the ambience work of art, which is designed on the principle of grid (coordinate system), into the exhibition area of the Project Room. It is characteristic of Ivana Franke, whose past artistic production could be formally viewed as the continuation of the abstract-geometric, op-art or constructivist tendencies of the 20th century art, to constantly examin the various ways and possibilities of visual perception defined by the conditions of the contemporary social environment. In the core of her consideraton lie the scientific and individual principles of defining the phenomenon of perception and of grasping the information in the form of image or, even more, of grasping the work of art. Perceiving dimensions of the exhibiting area as the formal framework withing which the creation process – the ambiance takes its place, Ivana builds, according to the specific spatial dimensions and by stringing up the identical elements, a spatial coordinate system and at the same time, using the same techniques, creates marking and mapping of the given area which is defined as the museum and the gallery institution.

We could say that the author, with her ambiance intervention, opposes the standard codes of behaviour within the exhibition area, and those presume viewing the works of art while taking the specific or individual walk through the area; in other words, according to Aaron Betsky, we live in the time of codes, and the core of art is the resistance to them; artists unvail the existence of such codes and laws and are aiming towards intensification of our perception and examination of what we consider to be reality...
From text by Željka Himbele

Text by Željka Himbele.
Designers: Numen
Croatian / English
15.1 x 21.1 cm, 6 fold in pages, 36 pages.
Published by Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2003.