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Ivana Franke, Potential Degrees of Freedom

Exhibition Catalogue. Edited by Vesna Meštrić.

In the exhibition Potential Degrees of Freedom, a seemingly poetic variation on claims of “potential dimensions”, or a fragmentary catalogue of the variable or changing dimensions of the work of art, Franke selects Richter’s spatial images and graphics and Images with Their Own Shadows, and from them derives her own works, some of which are shadows; that is, projections...   ...The works of Ivana Franke often structure and choreograph peripheral visual  gures which, since they are di cult to perceive, border with the ‘unproveble . In My Mental Space, Richter says, “The basis of the unprovable lies in the contingent existence of phenomena about which, with our natural and arti cial receptors, we cannot get any information.”

Cracks in observation, confusing reflections or shadows, the perception of the invisible and unconscious, lingering images that our eyes remember, yet our memory no longer processes - these are just some of the themes of current temporal and spatial appearances with which Ivana Franke is concerned, and which, due to their ephemeral nature, may fall in the category of ‘unprovable’.
Text by Jasna Jakšić

24,4 x 15,4 cm, 16 pages.
Published by Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb and Vjenceslav Richter and Nada Kareš Richter Collection, 2015.
ISBN 978-953-7615-78-9