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Distant Feeling

2012. Artist book. 80 pages, silkscreen on paper 14.7 x 21 cm. Ed. 40.

Edited by Irena Bekić, Ivana Franke. Text Ida Momennejad and Ivana Franke. Published by Zagreb City Libraries. 

Readers are invited to observe each page of black and white striped pattern drawing in the artist book Distant Feeling for five seconds. Instead of perceiving what is actually there - back and white stripes with straight edges, they encounter appearance of floating moiré-like patterns.

Distribution of spatial frequencies (widths and sequences of black and white stripes) in the book is direct translation of flashing light sequence used in the installation Seeing with Eyes Closed. Different visual stimuli used in Seeing with Eyes Closed and Distant Feeling (flashing light and black and white stripes) have certain physical characteristics in common and give rise to somewhat similar conscious experience of seeing images in places which don’t coincide with their physical location. 

Photo: Kristia Lenard

ISBN – 13 978-953-6499-90-8