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Installation views: Église Saint-Nicolas de Caen, Caen, France. Photographs: Ivana Franke Studio

Entaglement is a Fragile State

2012. PFA monofilament. 150 x 750 cm. Église Saint-Nicolas de Caen, Caen, France.

The installation is located in a late Romanesque church, with some elements typical of Gothic architecture, such as the three-storey construction with high windows, “where additional space has been provided for visiting the saints and the angels.” As a sacred architecture, the church is considered to be a type of space that intentionally reveals the interweaving of matter and mind. It is based on the golden ratio, all of its measurements derive from the circle and its numbers and geometry have a metaphysical significance. The linear spatial installation, made of translucent material resembling a spider web, occasionally catches the diffuse light from the windows and sometimes remains invisible. It superimposes a projection graph of six-dimensional space over the building’s geometry and re-directs the visitors movement.


Team: Sandra Aracic

Study of the geometry. Église Saint-Nicolas de Caen, Caen, France.

Installation schemes.
6-dimensional cube-graph structure is multiplied three times. These multiplications are superimposed.
The elaborate system for constructing the net following this superimposition has been developed.