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Installation view. Video Ivana Franke Studio

Knowledge of Fireflies

2017. Metal construction, monofilament, lights, electric transformer, motor. Diameter 61 cm.

Team: Tanja Cvetko, Marta Zivicnjak, Ivan Mak, Melita Spoljar, Lea Popinjac

In a pitch-black room, a maze of tiny dots of light slowly flies trough the air. These specks move in numerous directions; as the viewer walks towards them, one becomes immersed in micro-universe of stars or a dancing swarm of fireflies.

Spherical metal construction (geodesic sphere) is interwoven with monofilament and suspended from the motor fixed on the ceiling. Light is placed on the wall. A visible maze of dots is created by light and reflected of the monofilament.

Photo Ivana Franke Studio