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Potential Degrees of Freedom / prints, 2014  6Potential Degrees of Freedom / prints, 2014  6

Installation view: Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb.

Potential Degrees of Freedom — Prints (Tesseract 1,2,3,4)

2014. Series of four prints. Silkscreen on tracing paper, 34 x 34 cm each.

The prints, which can be considered as viewpoints, maps, drawings, are graphs –2-D orthographic projections of a 4-D cube. The title Tesseract refers to the cube model, or the square which varies in different projections, so that four dimensions are projected within two physical dimensions.

This path of compression is reversible in relation to our perception and participation, since a three-dimensional cube in a mutual relationship with us would be located in what physics interprets as time, and what neuroscience sees as the processing of perceptions and the creation of mental images. 

Through a two-dimensional representation on a transparent medium, the surfaces become openings, gaps and shortcuts to a four-dimensional performance, and so no longer form a mere display, but a space in which other possible degrees of freedom open up. 

Text by Jasna Jaksic

Tesseract 1, Tesseract 2, Tesseract 3, Tesseract 4.

Superimposed prints.

Potential Degrees of Freedom / prints, 2014  1Potential Degrees of Freedom / prints, 2014  1

Superimposed prints with frame.

Working drawings.