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Installation and performance view. Summer Cinema Tuskanac, 2015. Photo: Orsat Frankovic, Sena Kulenovic.

Srebrenica 1995-2015

With Carl Michael von Hausswolff.
Invitation, concept and text by Sena Kulenovic.

Light and sound performance. Sound system, transparent foil, LED lights, moving head, PAR spotlights.
Dimensions of the installation variable. Duration of the performance: 30 mins.

The performance was developed following an invitation by Sena Kulenovic to create a light and sound event for commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide, at the outdoor Summer Cinema Tuskanac in Zagreb.

The text by Sena Kulenovic is read by an actor at the beginning of the performance.

The public takes their seats while hearing the sound off text, read by an actor. To underline its dramatic tone, all the lights are switched off, thus the public is in complete darkness and silence. Gradually, there starts a solemn humming sound, accompanied by tiny sparks of light on the stage. The sparks fiercely start to multiply. Flashing and wavering, they resemble candles or fireflies. The sound grows louder.  The forest surrounding the public becomes illuminated by dim torchlights, held by participants. Afterwards, a searchlight slowly travels through the trees.

The image of the forest appears on the stage as a moving ghostly apparition, as the sound, further intensifying the uncanny overall atmosphere, transforms into a pressing noise.

The wall of transparent glossy foil is suspended on the stage in front of the black fabric screen. Behind the audience, the installation of LED lights is installed, which reflects on the foil in a way that it multiplies and distorts the sparks of light. Eight people are holding torchlights and moving slowly. In the middle of the auditorium, a strong spotlight (moving head) is positioned. It illuminates the area of surrounding forest while rotating very slowly. The images of reflected forest pass on the screen.

The spotlights are positioned on the stage facing the audience and several more are installed on the sides. They illuminate, or rather blind the audience as they enter and before they leave.

Installation and performance views. Summer Cinema Tuskanac, 2015. Photo: Orsat Frankovic, Sena Kulenovic.

Section drawing.