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In Circles

In CirclesIn Circles

In Circles

2009. Aluminium construction, monofilament, LED lights, electric transformer. Diameter of the circle 690 cm, height 7 cm.

Upon entering the room, the viewer is confronted with a dot of light up in the air. Walking slowly, as the room is completely dark, and looking upwards as this light spot is the only thing to see, more light dots start to appear and form the structure similar to a distant halo. As the viewer moves, this circular formation shifts in peculiar and unexpected directions; it stimulates us to walk in circles. In the room, each person sees only one circle; there are as many different circles seen as a number of the viewers in the room.

A large metal ring is horizontally suspended, high up in a dark room. It is radially interwoven with monofilament lines, which are stretched between diametrically opposite points on the ring and crossing in the middle. They are equally distributed, delineating each degree. One LED light hangs above this construction. A circle is created by reflections of the light on monofilament lines.

Installation view with additional lighting.