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Multiple Skies (Walk Across Time), 2009


Acrylic glass

200 x 170 x 155 cm

Installation view: Grey Sheep. Construction inside of the room (not open for visitors)  
Photographs: Maria del Pilar Garcia Ayensa, courtesy of Studio Olafur Eliasson 

Meditative dance performance of the fragments of sky with passing clouds is directed by the weather, time of the day and the viewer.
Clouds are hidden in the small room - the big building’s polygonal adjunct space -which was used as a watch house for the guards. The room faces the building’s courtyard, with two rows of six windows in total. While crossing the courtyard, one notices small patches of light floating inside the room. Coming closer and looking into the room through the lower windows, these light patches curiously multiply and float in different directions – they have the colors of sky, so it is indeed sky.
In the room, the supporting structure containing the acrylic glass panels is positioned at the particular angles to reflect sky, as it enters the room through the upper row of windows. Skies move as the viewers change their point of view (the law of light reflection).